Racial Reconstruction

Building bridges through our love for God and our neighbor


Racial Reconstruction


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Together, we make this Declaration and sign it with a commitment to tear down racial walls and build bridges of peace, as we live out the message of reconciliation modeled by Jesus Christ.


Let’s hear your reconstruction story.

These Are My Reactions

In the midst of the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and others recently, as well as the Central Park incident with Amy Cooper, I’ve been asked multiple times to share my reactions to what’s happening in the United States, as both a follower of Jesus Christ and also a black man living […]

Dear White People

I have gotten many questions and seen many Facebook posts stating your disgust at the protests and rioting that is happening in Minneapolis and many other cities following the savage murder of George Floyd. I got to spend some time listening to some Pastors in Milwaukee that I deeply respect talk about this and the […]

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